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Butt Seat Back Brace
Customer Reviews

Reviews: Testimonials

As a leg amputee and someone who has suffered multiple fractures in their back this back rest is a wonderful product. I am one of those guys who hurts if he sits too long or stands too long. Until this back brace came out I could never have the best of both worlds and now I can. I sit when I need to sit and stand up against the back pad when I want to stand for a bit. It’s an awesome product, worth every cent.

Garrett Jones, Stafford, VA

I've had back and knee problems for years and a day on the lake always left me with a lot of pain.  With the Butt Seat Back Brace I'm able to fish a tournament all day with no discomfort.

Tom Blakemore, Springfield, MO

The Butt Seat Back Brace allows me to fish longer with less fatigue. I wouldn't go fishing without one now.

Stuart Beatty, Saint Rose, LA

The Butt Seat Back Brace allows me to fish harder and longer.

Jeremy Parker, West Monroe, LA

For the last couple of years, due to an ankle injury, I have not been able to stand all day on the front deck of my boat.  I don’t like sitting down to make a long cast and my injury prohibits me from fishing like I like to fish.  I recently found the newly created Butt Seat Back Brace and thought it would give me something to lean against and take the pressure off of my ankle.  I assembled my Butt Seat Back Brace as soon as I received it and what a difference it has made!!

Roger Evans, Springfield, MO

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