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About Mosher Marine LLC

Mosher Marine LLC was created by my wife and I in the Spring of 2017. I have been a long-time tournament style bass fisherman, but suffer from lower back pain which can make it difficult to stand and fish. A standard “butt seat” helped, but my lower back would still hurt at the end of a long day of fishing, especially in rough water. I searched for a product on the market that would help support my lower back, but found nothing that was sufficient. Frustrated, I decided that I would make one myself. Several sketches and hand-made prototypes later, I created the “Butt Seat Back Brace” and applied for a U.S. patent. Trusted friends and long-time fishermen provided sound advice and helped with the field testing and fine-tuning of the “Butt Seat Back Brace" (patent pending).

The Butt Seat Back Brace (patent pending) is created from a single ¼ inch piece of aluminum with no moving parts that would create weak points in the design and cause failure. It's topped with a heavily cushioned 8x14 inch foam pad that has curvature on each side. The cushion is custom designed and fit for the brace. It’s made of the highest marine grade vinyl and foam on the market.

The “Butt Seat Back Brace” (patent pending) was created with the K.I.S.S. method in mind - simple but effective. This accomplishes two things:

  1. When using the Butt Seat Back Brace (patent pending) in the traditional butt seat manner you can LEAN BACK when in the seated position creating a hybrid version of your current standard butt seat. You now have back support!

  2. The Butt Seat Back Brace (patent pending) can be turned around and used as a leaning post. The brace allows some give and spring motion rather than the traditional style butt seat leaning post that is static. This allows the energy to be distributed into the seat base, post and post base rather than directly to your back.

Assembly of the “Butt Seat Back Brace” (patent pending) is simple.  

  1. Take your existing butt seat from its seat base by removing the four (4) standard, 1 inch 3/8 bolts. 

  2. Slide the bottom portion of the “Butt Seat Back Brace” (patent pending) in between the Seat Base and Butt Seat. 

  3. Replace the existing 1 inch 3/8 bolts back through the Seat Base bolt holes, Butt Seat Back Brace bolt holes and Butt Seat Base holes. Use the standard “star type” pattern when screwing it back together allowing for the small adjustments in play with the bolts. Torque: SNUG TIGHT. There should be no play or movement.

  4. You’re done. Assembly in about 3 minutes.

Butt Seat Back Brace Assembly Video

Mosher Marine LLC looks forward to helping anglers by keeping them on the water longer and more comfortably. Thank you for considering us. 

Tight lines,

Matt Mosher
Mosher Marine LLC

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